Idara Rushd o Hidayat aims to establish a Sufi society based on the love and obedience of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.

Idara Rushd o Hidayat is a religious organization in Karachi, Pakistan. It is based in the Masjid e Ghousia.

The organization conducts various Islamic programs and events, such as Khatam e Qadria, Khatam e Surah e Waqia, and Ramadan special kalam. It also has a YouTube channel, where it uploads videos of its activities and speeches by its scholars.

One of its prominent scholars is Hazrat Allama Syed Hamza Ali Qadri R.A, who is known for his reformist and spiritual teachings. The organization also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, where it shares its updates and messages.